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SKU 8000144043002

DAS Air Hardening Clay 500gms

This clay is a versatile and fun material that can provide hours of entertainment and learning opportunities for parents and children. With its unique properties, this clay is easy to mold, shape, and manipulate, allowing for endless creative possibilities.

One of the great features of this clay is that it can be painted with most art paints once it has dried. This means that kids can create colorful and personalized designs on their clay creations, enhancing their artistic skills and imagination.

Another benefit of this clay is that it has less shrinkage compared to other types of clay. This means that the final product will maintain its shape and size more accurately, reducing the risk of disappointment or frustration during the creative process.

Overall, this clay is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a fun and educational activity that can inspire creativity and quality time with the family.