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SKU 766218078605

DecoArt Media White Tinting Base is a premium all-purpose white base that can be tinted with the addition of any DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic color. Only small amounts of Fluid Acrylic will be needed because of their high pigmentation and superior tinting strength. Add up to 20% Fluid Acrylic to the Tinting Base.Ensure you have perfect base coverage for your projects with DecoArt Media White Tinting Base. This acid-free, light fast, white base can be tinted with fluid acrylics for endless colour options. Start your projects off on the right professional foot by designing and creating your preferred background colour and consistency.Shake well and add small amounts of fluid acrylics to the tinting base to create limitless opaque colours. The base will only need a maximum of 20% paint to make the desired colour. Expand the possibilities with your painting utensils and experiment with a whole host of techniques to unleash your creative potential and ensure you have a seamless base for each project. Light fast One coat coverage Available in a 4 oz jar