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SKU 789541083856

Dylusions Dyamond Dust 7gms

 Enhance your artwork with pearlescent effects using Dylusions Dyamond Dusts.

These specially formulated pearl pigments are designed to be used with Dylusions Dyamond Rocks, mediums, boards, stamps, and more.

Featuring a built-in resin and coordinating Dylusions colors, these pigments can be easily used wet or dry. To apply, use Dylusions Dyamond medium on Dylusions Dyamond boards, sprinkle the rocks on top, and tap off the excess.

Use heat to melt the rocks, then add another layer while still hot. Repeat 3 times or as desired for desired thickness. For more dimension, stamp with Dyamond medium on the hot layers, then let it cool and remove the stamp. Use Dyamond Dust while still warm for added decoration, and finish with Stickles for a final touch.

This 0.25oz (7.08gr) jar of Dyamond Dust is perfect for all your artistic needs.