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SKU 9311960087293

Jasart Studio Charcoal Set 4pc

Jasart Studio Charcoal Sets provide aspiring artists with the essential tools for creative expression through sketching, drawing, shading, and detailed illustrations.
The Charcoal Set of 4 in particular includes an assortment of charcoal pencils in varying degrees of softness and hardness, allowing artists to achieve a range of effects.
Specifically, the set contains:
1 Black Charcoal Pencil (Soft): For broad strokes, shading, and blending
1 Black Charcoal Pencil (Medium): Suitable for both shading and more defined lines
1 Black Charcoal Pencil (Hard): Best for sharp, crisp lines and details
1 Paper Stump: A tightly rolled paper tool used for shading, blending, and smudging charcoal

Housed in a convenient metal tin, this set contains the essential charcoal pencils and tools to get started with sketching and charcoal drawing or to supplement an existing collection of supplies.
The Jasart Studio Sketching & Drawing Sets provide aspiring artists with high-quality, versatile tools for creative expression at an affordable price point, making them the perfect gift for the budding artist or hobbyist in your life.