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SKU 9311960087279

Jasart Studio Sketching & Drawing Set

The Jasart Studio Sketching & Drawing Set is an ideal collection for artists looking to expand their sketching capabilities.
This set includes:
2 high-quality graphite sketching pencils in a range of grades (4B for lighter shading & 8B for darker shading) to allow for a variety of tones. The graphite pencils are perfect for preliminary sketching and drawing.
1 sepia pencil for creating antique-looking sketches with a warm, brown tone. The sepia pencil is ideal for shading and cross-hatching techniques.
1 Pierre Noire charcoal pencil for deep, rich black tones. The charcoal pencil is crafted from natural charcoal and wood and is perfect for expressive sketching.
1 hard black charcoal pencil for defined, controlled lines. The hard charcoal pencil has a higher ratio of charcoal to clay, allowing for more precise sketches.
1 white charcoal pencil for highlighting and adding contrast to sketches. The white charcoal pencil can be used on colored paper or to touch up charcoal and graphite sketches.
This set contains high-quality sketching tools in a range of grades and tones to suit any artist's needs. The Jasart Studio Sketching & Drawing Set would make a wonderful gift for the budding artist or a supplement to an experienced sketch artist's collection.