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SKU 5020180652009

Manuscript CalliCreative Italic Maker

Discover the joys of calligraphy and crafting with Callicreative! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, these markers are perfect for creating stunning works of art in just minutes.

With their versatility and ease of use, you can explore a wide range of styles and techniques to bring your creative vision to life.

From elegant calligraphy to playful lettering, these markers are perfect for adding a touch of beauty and personality to any project. So why wait?

Start your Callicreative journey today and let your imagination soar!

Black pack contains 2 pens, 2.5mm and 4.8mm nibs
Silver and Gold pack has one of each colour and 2.4mm nibs
White pack has two pens the same and nib size 2.5mm