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SKU 8593539098218

Mondeluz Aquarelle Pencil Apple Green 62. The Mondeluz pencil lead is soft and vibrant, consisting of water-soluble pigments. The effect is dense color that lays down easily. Water may be added by brushing over the hand drawn strokes to soften and blur the lines, creating a watercolor paint effect, or the pencil may be dipped in water prior to drawing to create a deep, rich stroke. The precision of the colored pencil combined with the delicacy of watercolor can create stunning effects. These pencils can be used on a multitude of wet and dry surfaces, such as vellum, canvas, and watercolor paper. Mondeluz aquarells can also be used with other media such as traditional watercolor, graphite, pastel, ink and acrylic paint. The versatility of the Mondeluz pencil makes it one of the most sought-after watercolor pencils for artists and illustrators today.

SKU: 8593539098218