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SKU 630454223894

Sizzix Standard Cutting Plates 1 pair Blueberry.

This pair of Cutting Pads was specially designed for use in the BIGkick, Big Shot and Vagabond machines.

Sizzix Cutting Plates are essential tools for die-cutting with Sizzix machines. Made of durable and high-quality polycarbonate plastic, these transparent cutting pads offer excellent visibility while allowing for easy and precise placement of your steel-rule dies. These cutting pads are compatible with a wide range of Sizzix steel-rule dies, including Bigz, Movers & Shapers, Originals, and ScoreBoards, and can be used with BIGkick, Big Shot, and Vagabond machines. With Sizzix Cutting Plates, you can create beautifully intricate designs with ease, whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out.

Using Sizzix Cutting Plates is a straightforward process. Simply place your chosen steel-rule die on top of your material, and sandwich them between two Cutting Pads. Roll this stack through your BIGkick, Big Shot, or Vagabond machine, and the die will cut through the material with ease, leaving behind a perfectly cut shape.

If you're working with a steel-rule die that contains crease rule, you may need to use a Premium Crease Pad in place of one of the Cutting Pads to ensure a clean crease.

It's important to note that Sizzix Cutting Pads are designed to be used on both sides, which means you can flip them over and use them again once they've become worn on one side. However, when both sides of the Cutting Pad have become too worn out, it's time to replace it with a new one to ensure optimal die-cutting performance.