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SKU 718813534604

Thickers Eric Burlap Alphabet.

The Thickers Eric Burlap Alphabet is a product designed for paper crafting projects such as card making and scrapbooking. These chipboard stickers add a fun and eye-catching dimensional effect to your creations. Each letter is made of 1/16 inch thick chipboard, covered in plain white fabric.

These alphabet stickers can be embellished and customized to match your desired style and theme. You can use various mediums such as inks, stains, sprays, markers, and more to add color and personalization. The plain white fabric provides a versatile base for your creativity to shine.

This package includes American Crafts Thickers Alphabet Stickers, providing you with a wide range of letters to compose words, phrases, and titles for your projects. Whether you're creating handmade cards, scrapbook layouts, or other paper crafts, these Thickers Eric Burlap Alphabet stickers are a fantastic addition to make your designs stand out.