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SKU 752505139074

49&Market Foundation Pages -A

The DIY kit of mix and match pieces is designed to create folios and mini albums with endless possibilities. The set includes 19 die-cut pieces that can be configured in various configurations. Two folios can be made when scored, measuring 6.25x8.25x0.25 inches. Additional pages with built-in spine hinges can be added to create various flips and flaps, allowing for creative expression.

In addition to the folios, the kit includes 2 portrait pages measuring 6x8 inches, 2 landscape pages measuring 8x6 inches, 4 portrait photo mats measuring 4x6 inches, and 4 landscape photo mats measuring 6x4 inches. The kit also includes 2 short spine hinges measuring 6.25 inches and 3 long spine hinges measuring 8.25 inches. These spine hinges can be used to create page turns and add an extra dimension to the mini albums.

The pieces in the kit can be glued together in various configurations, allowing for customization and personalization. The kit can be used with other Foundations products and Memory Journals or on its own, making it versatile and adaptable to different projects.

Overall, this DIY kit is a great option for anyone looking to create mini albums and folios with endless possibilities. The mix and match pieces, built-in spine hinges, and photo mats provide a great starting point for creativity and personalization.