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SKU 5055260921713

Cosmic Shimmer Opal Polish

Introducing Opal Polish from Creative Expressions - a versatile, water-based medium that dries quickly and comes in a range of stunning colors. Each pot contains a base color polish infused with complementary mica, allowing you to achieve beautiful opalescent effects for your craft projects. For a unique twist, try using Opal Polish on dark surfaces, where the mica color takes center stage and creates a completely different look. Plus, with its convenient handle and incorporated delivery system, applying Opal Polish is a breeze. Each pot contains 50ml of this must-have crafting essential.

To use:
Prime the sponge in the handle before using by wetting with warm soapy water.
Press out excess water.
Now dip the sponge into the polish
Apply polish in a circular motion to highlight or cover an entire area.
Can also be applied by finger, cloth, roller or even a stamp.