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SKU 766218078537

Elegant Emerald Metallic Lustre Wax Metallic Lustre is a wax paste finish that allows more control during application than liquid paint. Add an elegant, gilded finish to home decor, mixed media, scrapbooking, craft, and fine art projects. Use it for full coverage and accenting. It adheres to most absorbent surfaces from wood, unglazed ceramics, clay, paper, canvas, walls and even metal. It has a no-mess, ready-to-use formula. No need to shake or stir and no brush required. Apply with fingertips, sponge or soft cloth. Buffs to a brilliant sheen. Its highly opaque coverage requires only 1 application. Water and fade-resistant. This package contains a 1oz container of wax metallic finish.

SKU: 766218078537