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SKU 9332839027677

Premium Cardstock 12 x12 10 Sheets per Pack Yellow/Orange

Couture Creations Premium Cardstock 12x12 is a versatile and high-quality cardstock product designed specifically for crafting, particularly in card making and scrapbooking projects. The cardstock is known for its flexibility, durability, and superior texture, making it an excellent choice for various creative endeavors.

Key features of Couture Creations Premium Cardstock 12x12 include:

  1. Flexibility: The cardstock is designed to be flexible, allowing crafters to easily manipulate and work with it to achieve their desired results.

  2. High Quality: The cardstock is made using top-notch materials, ensuring a premium crafting experience and providing a sturdy base for your projects.

  3. Textured on One Side: One side of the cardstock is textured, adding an extra dimension to your projects and enhancing their visual appeal.

  4. Smooth on the Other Side: The reverse side of the cardstock is smooth, providing a clean and polished surface for your crafting needs.

  5. Ideal Base: The cardstock serves as an excellent foundation for creating beautiful cards and scrapbooking pages. Its superior quality ensures your projects stand the test of time.

  6. Die Cutting: The cardstock works exceptionally well with die-cutting machines, allowing you to create intricate and precise designs with ease.

  7. Embossing: Its texture and durability make it perfect for embossing techniques, adding elegant raised patterns to your projects.

  8. Distressing: If you prefer a distressed or weathered look, this cardstock can handle distressing techniques gracefully.

  9. Hot Foiling: The flexibility and smooth surface make it compatible with hot foiling, allowing you to add stunning metallic accents to your creations.

 Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting, this cardstock will support a wide range of techniques and elevate the overall quality of your projects.