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SKU 789541020677

The Ranger Non-Stick Craft Mat  15" x 18"

A reusable, protective sheet is the answer to all of your craft surface needs. Nothing sticks to it! The slick, non-porous material of the Ranger Non-Stick Craft Mat withstands high temperatures, making it the perfect compliment to Distress Ink, Distress Paint, Distress Stain, Melt Art™ . Ultra Thick Embossing Powder, candle wax, soap chips and even hot glue won’t penetrate or distort its smooth-as-glass finish.
Any excess melted product, once cooled, can be easily removed and placed back into the Melting Pot or stored for future projects. Clean-up is quick and easy, ready to use again and again. Inks just wipe off so no contamination of colours when inking.
Protect your work surface. Our paper-thin Craft Sheet is never in the way, it’s barely noticeable, yet you’ll love the results.
Easy clean-up: just peel-off. Once cooled and/or solidified, peel or wipe UTEE, paint, glue, wax, clay, soap and more right off the Craft Sheet.