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SKU 789541078425

Simon Hurley Create Stamping Foam. This mouldable foam is perfect for creating your own stamps! With these foam pieces, the possibilities are endless. You can create any design you want and make your stamps as original and unique as you are. With this stamping foam, you'll be able to create beautiful designs with ease. Whether stamping for scrapbooks, cards, or any other project, this foam will give your stamping a whole new level of dimension and style. So go ahead and get creative!
Have you ever wished you could use your embossing folders and dies for stamping? Now you can with the Simon Hurley Stamping Foam! This foam is perfect for adding texture and interest to all of your stamping projects. You will have so much fun experimenting with different techniques and materials. And the best part is that you can create your own original designs. So let your imagination run wild and see what you can come up with.

How To Use Your Stamping Foam:

  • Heat the Stamping Foam for about 15-30 seconds with a heat tool so that it softens – make sure to heat the entire surface area
  • Press the softened material into a texture, stamp, embossing folder, or another surface with raised and/or recessed patterns
  • Apply your favourite inks or mediums to the Stamping Foam.
  • Press the inked Stamping Foam onto the project to transfer the ink and the design.
  • Either re-ink and "stamp" again or wipe Stamping Foam clean.
  • Reheat the Stamping Foam until it softens, and the impression disappears, then it is ready to re-use to make a new impression.